Paul Kirk at an insurance conference a few years ago

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. –  Henry Ford

Paul Kirk was once the stereotypical marketing man who was busy, overweight and stressed.

Then not long after his 40th birthday, fast paced living eventually caught up with him. Paul was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer and given 6 months to live.

Paul had attended the funerals of friends and colleagues who had unsustainable lifestyles catching up with them in their 30s and 40s but no way would that happen to bullet-proof Paul Kirk.

He once described his diagnosis as the wake up call from hell, but now Paul refers to his cancer diagnosis as a gift that saved his life.

Paul embraced his cancer and refused to let over-power him. Preferring alternative methods, he went on to learn about how his body worked living with the belief that if his body could create this disease, it could also get rid of it in a natural way.

He now has a compelling, sustainable reason for getting out of bed in the morning to share the message of wellness and empower others to embrace a way of living that results in sustainable health and wellness.

Paul could have cashed up his life insurance as he was given less than 12 months to live and spent some of that money with loved ones travelling the world or paying off the mortgage and leaving dependents mortgage free with less financial worries.

Instead, Paul reckoned his bowel cancer saved his life because he learnt how to live in this highly polluted and toxic world without being a born-again health freak. He also learnt what was really important to him as he now had a compelling reason for getting out of bed in the morning and not just make money for himself and others.

Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned medical and alternative medicine doctor, who said during a recent visit to New Zealand, ” whilst there are more people employed in the cancer industry than are dying from cancer, there will remain a status quo”. Yes cancer is big, big business. For instance, a course of chemotherapy is worth anything from $30000 -$80,000 whilst the actual cost price of manufacture is way less than that. Disease and other health dysfunctions result from the body breaking down because it has been starved of its basic life supporting requirements and been subjected to conditions without a natural defence mechanism. Hence, Dr Chopra believes that the body given the right conditions can balance itself and transform disease, disharmony, and sickness into wellness, vibrant health, vitality and complete harmony. He maintains that our bodies are a million times more powerful than any pharmaceutical drug, any scalpel and any medical expert.

Paul made no claim that he had found a cure for cancer or any other disease whether terminal or debilitating. One thing he reckoned for sure, there was a 98% chance your current lifestyle was unsustainable. If that sat okay with you, then simply enjoy this as an entertaining gabble. However, he did hope you became unsettled enough to go seek your own truth about what worked and did not work for your body, mind, emotions and spirit before you had to face what Paul did. Paul suggested strongly that you embraced your wellness now rather than following his example of avoiding it for so long and losing it. It was hard work to gain back. In other words, don’t wait until you lose your health and vitality to disease before you act, as it was dammed hard to get back.

The searching questions asked by Paul in transforming his life were:

* what am I passionate about? * what do I love doing? * when am I at my happiest? * why should I live? * if I died now, would I have a sense of fulfilment with my life? * why? * what would create a sense of fulfilment? * what would they be saying at my funeral?

Paul made a pact with himself that when he attained wellness, he would find a way to edify people on how they can live, work and play and shun disease or unwellness.

Paul basically believed and has proven to himself many, many times that the human body has the innate wisdom to balance any imbalance – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual provided it had access to the fundamental elements that sustained it best.

He continued by saying ” go forth on your journey and discover the majestic powers and innate wisdom of your castle, the body. Unlocking its secret will enable you to live heaven on earth.

I had a colleague who was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. When she got the call, it was basically too late but she tried absolutely everything she knew and after a couple of years, she finally surrendered to the big C. She was only 56.

A client aged 51 was diagnosed with gastro-oesophageal cancer but he refused to take advantage of the early life insurancepayout. The family did continually thank me for his insurance cover as it repaid the outstanding mortgage, provided replacement income for the family, provided private health treatment and allowed wife and daughter to spend a lot of quality time together as a family. He died 14 months after diagnosis.

My father used to say “life is a pleasant struggle” and “do things in moderation including moderation in moderation”.  I don’t think Paul Kirk would have subscribed to that once upon a time but now he has a totally different attitude.

What are doing now and what could you do?

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