Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

While the New Zealand public health system looks after urgent problems, treatment for non-urgent medical conditions can involve a long, uncomfortable wait.

Health insurance can help take the wait away, and much of the financial burden of diagnosis and treatment of these non-urgent conditions.




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Insure yourself while you are healthy

It makes sense to get health insurance when you’re fit and healthy as you’re unlikely to get cover for problems you already have (pre-existing conditions) if you take it out later on.

It doesn’t need to be expensive

There are lots of options when it comes to health insurance that can make it more affordable. You can choose increase your excess, or just cover major expenses such as surgery or specialist visits, rather than day-to-day costs like GP visits.

Talk to Tony Gill to help determine what level of cover is right for you.
Health Insurance

Tony Gill works with NIB and Southern Cross to provide the client with suitable health insurance covering either the major medical and surgical procedures and accompanying specialists and tests or those plus optional extras like GP visits, Dental and Optical, Proactive Care and Crisis Cover as a lump sum.

Here are some important benefits of taking out Private Health Insurance:

  • Protect your health and the health of your loved ones

  • Freedom to select the best specialist and hospital in New Zealand

  • Avoid long waiting lists to receive treatment

  • Access to the latest medical procedures and technology

  • No need to worry about large medical bills

  • No guarantee ACC will provide full accident cover

– Source: NZ Health Survey Key Findings 2012/13