Company History

Tony Gill started his career in financial services in 1989 in London, England.

He learned about how to generate clients and what clients really need. Many of his clients worked in the money markets and they needed financial protection given the enormous stress under which they worked.

In 1995, Tony Gill returned to his homeland and re-established his career in the country he grew up in and where his family still lived.

The key point of his life was getting married in 1997 and then having two children. Suddenly, Tony Gill’s life changed. He was no longer footloose and fancyfree but had significant responsibilities with a decent-sized mortgage, private school fees and self-employment and the fluctuations that go with self-employment.

Tony Gill has always maintained high standards such as Excellence, Fun, Generosity, Honesty and Loyalty. It is so easy to cut corners, and not be true to oneself but Tony Gill does his utmost to uphold these values and it is these values combined with hard and smart work and consistent activity which pave the way to a prosperous life.

Tony Gill focuses on his clients being adequately protected in case the unthinkable were to happen. He considers protecting one’s income as very important since one’s ability to earn an income is one’s greatest asset.

Tony Gill is an insurance adviser and considers insurance as something just about everybody needs as it provides cash when cash is needed most.

Tony Gill is becoming more contemporary with creative work being undertaken to boost his presence in the younger demographic market by integrating the website and using the website in combination with “Linked In” to stay ahead and stay connected with his existing clients and new young prospective clients.

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